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To members of HopeUC Nashville,

Many of you know that early Tuesday morning, March 3, a tornado hit Nashville and greater middle Tennessee.  Our mission is to bring Hope to people, to remind them that “their tomorrow can be greater than their today”.  That mission is more relevant now than ever, in our area.

When it happened, we knew we were going to help.  The question was, How?  We feel we have a good direction on how to answer that question.

The Belonging, Co. is a wonderful church in the heart of downtown.  Their new building is directly located in part of the affected area.  They have began coordinating large efforts to help in the relief efforts.  They are resourcing the efforts both financially and in volunteers.  We feel that instead of starting our own thing, it is best to put all of our resources behind this great church, their leadership and their heart to help.  We are a church.  They are a church.  But we, together, are the Church – the body of Christ.

Below are updates on how we can partner with them to bring Hope for a greater tomorrow, to the Nashville area.

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From The Belonging, Co. team (2.5.20)

Hi Everyone,
Thank you to all of you who came out this afternoon to serve in North Nashville! We are so grateful for your help. Here are two ways that you can help tomorrow:
Date: Thursday, March 5, 8 AM – 6 PM
Address:  2013 25th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208


Team Leads

Robby Valderama – 408-406-4189
Christian Rasmussen – 615-423-7718
Lindsay Rasmussen – 3032413919
Spencer Combs – 612-730-3443

Please check in with one of the team leads when you get there. 


This team will be:

– sorting and passing out supplies
– removing brush
– serving at the distribution center where most needed
– specific tree cutting and brush removal teams

Supplies Needed:

– Work gloves
– Shovels
– Big push brooms
– Tarps
– Trashbags
– Chain saw volunteers (must bring their own and already know how to use it)
– Bleach
– Clorox wipes
– Baby supplies

Time: Thursday, March 5 – 9 AM – 1 PM
Address: 1531 9th Ave N. Nashville, TN 37208
Team Lead
Brooke Urich – 417-300-2602

Please check in with team lead when you arrive. 

This team will be: 

– Interacting with residents and helping them get basic necessities.
– A big part of this site is loving on those going through a hard time, encouraging them and getting to know who we are serving.
– This complex is right near where our new building is and is housing many of our neighbours that are without power. 

Supplies Needed:

⁃    Halogen lights from Home Depot (BIGGEST NEED)
⁃    Gas in tanks to power generator
⁃    Sturdy Boxes and/or reusable shopping bags so people can carry their     groceries home
⁃    Laundry Detergent
⁃    Flashlights with extra batteries
⁃    Poster Boards and thick sharpies
⁃    Clipboards & Pens

Thank you again for coming out to help. We will continue to send updates as the days progress so keep checking your emails! We are so thankful for your help! 

From The Belonging, Co. team (2.4.20):

Hey all,

We have assessed more of the damage and met with other teams and organizations on how to best help our city. Opportunities to get involved in the relief efforts will be rolling out soon. We appreciate your patience as a plan is put place, we understand the desire to get out and do something, but in these crisis situations it is helpful to slow down and identify some key plans to help our neighbors for sustainability. We are working with the city and other organizations to put a plan together as best we can. The situation in the most affected areas is very fluid and chaotic at the moment. To be best prepared for that here are some guidelines when volunteering with TBCO Relief Team:

Team Leads 

  • Each TBCO Relief outreach will have designated team leads, please follow their lead so that we can keep the site safe and organized.


  • Closed toe shoes (work boots preferable)
  • Work gloves
  • Protective glasses
  • Long sleeve shirt is recommended

Be mindful and aware as you help with relief efforts:

  • You will likely be meeting people in some of the toughest and most vulnerable moments of their lives. Please engage every person with compassion and a willingness to listen and encourage.
Photography/Social Media Guidelines
  • You might see parts of people’s lives and homes that they wouldn’t normally share with anyone, let alone a stranger.  Let’s be mindful of what pictures we are taking, and what is being put on the internet. There are plenty of photos and videos on the internet at this point, so we do ask that you not take photos of the inside of people’s homes or lining up for free food and services.
  • We understand that it is important for people to grasp what is going on in our city, but please remember to humanize every interaction, photo, video, and post. Be aware and think through your motives – unintentional exploitation is still exploitation. Please respect the profound and heavy moments you are going to encounter – Please ask yourself if you would want these moments posted on the internet for the world to see.

TBCO Relief Release Form

  • We ask that every volunteer that is serving with The Belonging Co sign the The Belonging Co Disaster Release Form that is found when you CLICK HERE. This can be signed electronically, so it can be signed from your phone.
Special Skills
  • We are wanting to identify who on our team is proficient with a chainsaw and has extensive experience in this area. Please respond to this email if you can help in this way!

Thank you for volunteering to love on our city, stay tuned here for updates coming very soon!