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The definition of legacy is simple enough. It’s leaving something behind that will impact future generations.  But the question I continually find myself asking is, “what does it mean to leave a legacy” and “what exactly is the impact of legacy.” Let me share with you what it means to me. A vital part of leaving a legacy is investing in a vision, or a dream, of which I may not, at least with my physical eyes, see its conclusion. Legacy gives vision longevity. It has a voice and a powerful one at that; it continues to speak long after the speaker is gone.

We all have this opportunity. Each one of us has a story that reflects our legacy. How were you impacted? Who came alongside you to lift you, to encourage you, to invest in you, to change your life? The richness of one’s story is leaving a legacy. That is what it means to leave a legacy. Are you willing to pass on this part of yourself through legacy?  Together, it means working in a synchronistic harmony, creating a beautiful and resonant symphony, with each of us doing our part for the good we can do “now” for the future good of those who follow after us.

The longevity of this vision means that those who come after us will be empowered to reach, teach, heal, and care for those who, if we had not left a legacy, might have been missed, forgotten, and overlooked. Leaving a legacy means that the work will continue so that others will be allowed to receive the same life, the same love, the same hope, and the same grace that we have received and embraced.

The impact is Jesus. Ultimately, all of us who’ve decided to leave a legacy have let go of the need for personal prominence as we work together for the common good of the entire body of Christ! The impact that has resonated so powerfully with me is that leaving a legacy isn’t so my name will be remembered, but that his name will never be forgotten.  Not so that I will be honored, but that he will forever be honored, the one who gave his life, so that we could have life.

Ultimately family isn’t that why we leave a legacy so that the world might know that Jesus is the only begotten son of God, that He is the firstborn of many brethren (that’s us), and that they may know him and our Father who sent him?  And just like Jesus, Legacy is a powerful voice that continues to speak long after the speaker is gone. That’s the heart of it.

Join us in making a difference!


This year, there are four focuses for Legacy. It is through these four areas that we believe God wants us to invest our time and resources.

The four focuses are Hope Cares, Hope Global, Hope Churches, and Hope Facilities.

Keep reading to see the planned impact that each of these focuses will have.


Hope Cares is how we answer the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Through Hope Cares, our church makes an impact right here in our local community.


We have done this in many ways. Through our weekly food distribution program we gave over 2 tons of food and supplies and were able to purchase a freezer that allows us to provide families not only with dry goods and other supplies, but also with meat and perishable food items.

We have also been able to support many other great organizations in their missions to support and help those in need. Some of our best partners include the American Red Cross, Union Rescue Mission, and 1DayLA where we joined 20,000 volunteers to offer love, hope, and help in many ways all over Los Angeles.


During our first ever, Serve Weekend we were able to impact so many people and families in our community from serving with our partners at Foothill Unity Center, The Union Rescue Mission, local convalescent homes, and we also saw many families make special deliveries of love and sweet treats to our local essential workers.


We have been able to help many people find healing that were hurting through a very tough year. This year we have been able to witness our team spend hundreds of hours loving and caring for those that needed it most.

It is your support and partnership with Legacy that has helped to make all of this possible. Together we can and are making an impact in our community for generations to come.


Hope Carrier is part of the Education strategy of Hope Global. We are on a mission to introduce children around the world to Jesus and get them in school. We deliver backpacks filled with essential school supplies, a copy of the book of John and a series of lessons designed to build character and create a life in Jesus.

For many children living in poor regions of the world, a quality education is their only chance to break free from a life of poverty. We work with local leaders to establish strong communities, remove barriers hindering kids from going to school and fortify access to discipleship programs. When you partner with Hope Carrier to donate school supplies, it paves the way to a promising tomorrow.


HopeUC Santa Fe

Ps Larry and Rachel DeLaGarza are called to reach the lost with the unfailing love of God, and are willing to do whatever it takes. They are passionate about helping people know God, and how He can absolutely change lives and generations to come, forever. They have been married for 17 years with two children, Adalyn and Maverick. They moved from California in 2016 to plant “Hope Unlimited Church Santa Fe”

HopeUC Nashville

Ps Dustin Smith is a teacher, song writer, and worship leader, who has a desire to see the nations ignited with a passion for worship. He has an attitude that gives God all the glory, and that attitude transcends age, race, color, and nationality.

Dustin, and his wife, Jeanna, have been happily married for over 20 years. They have three children: Jordan, Drew, and Asher. Dustin and his family have dedicated their lives to seek the face of God. That relationship has caused them to rise as a voice to the nations that increases the value of God in other people’s eyes. 


HopeUC Los Angeles

We believe that the church is not a building. However buildings help God’s people to gather.

Church buildings facilitate the teaching of God’s Word, salvations, and children’s ministry, that guarantees faith in future generations. They are also a place where people find hope, fellowship, and experience the Love and Grace of God. These are just a few of the benefits and blessings that come when we gather together.

Our current facility is made possible because of the generosity of God’s people, and it’s through continued generosity that we will be able to pay off our construction debt, and build even more HopeUC locations in the future.


Lives touched and lives changed, so many incredible stories of God showing up and showing off in our church families.

These video stories will bless you, encourage you and for many of you become a source of strength as you are creating your own story of hope.

This is us, doing life together in this home we call HOPE!

Join us in making a difference!

What is Legacy?

Legacy is our annual giving above and beyond our tithe to help fulfill the vision of our church. Every September Pastor Justin shares the vision for the year and asks us to pray and ask God what part He wants us to play. 

Legacy giving has four focuses that you can read more about on this page.

How long is the commitment?

The commitment is for 12 months starting in the beginning of October 2021 through the end of September 2022.

You can also join Legacy anytime throughout the year. However, all commitments will conclude in September of 2022.

How do I participate?

There are typically two ways that people participate in Legacy. The first way is through automated weekly or monthly giving. The second way people give is through a one time donation. 

If you would like to give towards Legacy you can click on the Make A Commitment link on this webpage.