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Ps Justin & Amber Spina

Pastor Justin embodies the heart of Hope, that tomorrow can be greater than today, and brings his enthusiasm to the congregation. He trusts God entirely with every aspect of his life, believing that God will always make a way and meet every need, and he is devoted to spreading this message.

Pastor Justin has been faithfully serving in church since the age of 13.  He has been on staff at HopeUC since 2005.  He started as Director of Media, Student Ministries for four years, and Executive Pastor for five years.

He has always taken a hands-on approach from ministry to the logistics of running the church. Because he has served everywhere and for so long, he has a tremendous working knowledge of all areas of operation, making him uniquely positioned as Lead Pastor to understand and nurture the people and the gifts of those who call Hope home.

Throughout his leadership he has been someone people admire.  He is very approachable and kind with strong relational skills and makes you feel at home at Hope from the very first day.

One of his greatest core values is family. Pastor Justin married Amber in 2007, and they have three beautiful children: Jake, Hudson, and Harper. He is an amazing father and husband and honors God in his day-to-day conduct. Amber is very involved in the Sisters ministry, and together they are passionate about spreading the message of Hope & Grace throughout North America and the world.