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Special Guests

Canon J John

Evangelist, minister, speaker, social activist and writer, J. John has a remarkable gift for communicating the truth in an engaging, stimulating and practical way. His passion for story-telling enables him to bring the gospel to life in a fresh and contemporary manner. We are so honoured to be hosting J John and his wife Killy at our 2018 HopeUC Worship Conference.


Leeland, joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2015. Based in Nashville, TN, they carry a storied history of songwriting and passionate worship. Since their stunning 2006 breakthrough debut album “Sound of Melodies,” progressive Leeland have become one of the most important voices in a new generation of worship music. Their lives, ministry, and music are a true extension of their passion to simply worship God personally and in the context of their community of family and friends.

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