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HopeUC is a church passionate about reaching people from all walks of life
with the Good News of Christ.

Hope defines us. Helping Other People Everywhere, from our growing church
family to our neighbourhoods, locally and globally.

We Believe

WE BELIEVE in a church that introduces people to Jesus Christ, outworking His challenge of “Come follow Me” so that people truly encounter the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE in a church where we come together and hunger for God’s presence with genuine, passionate, life changing worship.

WE BELIEVE as we gather together and come under the power of God’s Word, we are being transformed, growing in the understanding of our calling and purpose.

WE BELIEVE in my story, our story, HIS STORY. The combination of these create our great faith adventure.

By God’s grace we pray that HopeUC will always be a body, a church, a family
and a home that is defined by God’s presence. Worshipful, missional,
prayerful, generational, creative, generous, thankful, authentic and
completely passionate about people responding to the message of salvation.
And with a shout that resounds through every part of our lives that HOPE is a
person, and His name is Jesus.

This is Hope Unlimited Church…the hope we see.

Mark and Darlene Zschech