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Giving Just Got Easier...

We’re moving to a better way of giving. Try it for yourself!

Give The Old Way...

In order to make giving easier and more organized, we are moving to a new online giving platform called PUSHPAY. During this transition, all recurring gifts will need to be transferred from the old platform to the new platform. The church staff will contact you directly with instructions on how to do this.

Foundation Givers

Foundation Givers commit to a monthly contribution starting at $40 to Hope UC. This a great first step for people to begin giving financially to Hope UC and start taking steps towards tithing.

Concrete Givers

Concrete Givers commit to tithing – giving first ten percent of one’s income to the church. Tithing is a principle seen throughout the Bible. And it is referenced weekly during our Sunday experiences.

Legacy Giver

Hope UC defines generosity as going above and beyond. A Legacy Giver makes a decision to go above and beyond the ten percent tithe in their financial giving.