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Creative Conversations: 5 Questions – By Austin Ward

1 November, 2019 by 

Hey everyone, it’s Austin Ward here!
I’ll be sharing in our October Creative Conversation. This year I’ve been asking our youth team 5 questions. They have become more of a checklist and a tool to help realign ourselves back to why we do what we do. LT asked me to share them with a creative spin … I hope you enjoy!
Here are the five questions;

What do we believe in? What are our strengths? What is my role? Who are my partners? and What does my future look like here?


What are our Church vision & values? One of the important things when serving on team is knowing and living out the mission of where you’re serving. Being a part of HopeUC, we have plenty of memorable statements which define us; one that stands out to me is “Bringing the Hope of Jesus to the world”. So when we step on platform we need to be leading in a way that allows that vision to be carried out. Do you know our 4 Values?
Another factor, and what I see as being the most important is; do you believe in our leadership? Our Senior leaders carry a big weight, so how can you support them? We need to trust in them and prayerfully support them as much as possible.
When we ask this question it changes our perception of those we are serving with. Don’t think about your individual strengths or weaknesses. Think about what’s right with each other, rather than what’s wrong. Sometimes we need to focus on others strengths and grasp a glimpse of how God see’s them.
One of the problems with ‘team,’ is that people are on them! Ha, so they will never function picture perfectly, right? But you can change your perception of someone by looking at their strengths. Being a part of a team means it must become normal for us to draw out a win in others, and celebrate those wins.
Simply put, our role is to be leaders of worship and honour God. Beyond that however, we must also never ignore the functional, relational and spiritual aspects of our role.
Functional’ parts of our role include; preparation, communication & practice. Have you practiced your songs? Have you communicated with the team? You’re not the only one on team, when you confirm, it is a yes to the whole team.
Relational.’ Remember how it’s not about us? We need to talk to our team – they are our family. We need to unify through the commonality that we are His people, His church. Let that define how you treat others, not their temperament or behaviour.
Spiritually,’ we have a responsibility to lead people in all the seasons of life, and this requires a depth in our relationship with God.
Partnering with a mentor is extremely important as it keeps you accountable to your word and actions. The best cases of mentor relationships usually involve intentionally asking someone yourself. The next big question is; will feedback offend you? The right person will both encourage and push you. So be ready for feedback!
Another way to partner up on the team is being a mentor. Are you allowing young people into your life to develop? How are you helping them be the best they can be?
How will you develop on this team? I’m not asking this question to help make you the next big worship leader or world’s best keys player. But I am asking this so that we would build and develop our craft to support the move of God already at work amongst us. The best days are ahead, & these are exciting days for the Church around the world!
Could your development include becoming a team member who can fill multiple needs across instruments, campuses or production!? Learn and grow by asking yourself ‘how can I help this team in the future?’ Your future on this team should align to the heart of ‘how can I help someone else?’ How could you impart your knowledge and skill into the next generation?


So there they are… my 5 questions that help keep me focused and aligned to this team. I hope they have been an encouragement to you as we all serve together. I love this team and Pip and I are thoroughly enjoying this new season of leading the Team at Gosford! Come visit us some time :)